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Sears ( Atari ) plus 50 game cartridges

$250.00 by Bookoo Fan in Las Vegas, Feb 13
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Sears ( Atari ) plus 50 game cartridges in Las Vegas

Sears Tele-games Video arcade is the complete Atari 2600 system. Made in the same factory and using the same parts and accessories as the Atari 2600. This unit is in the original box and was purchased new. Limited use and in excellent condition. Complete in the original box with Console (4 pin) TV/Game antenna switch, 6’ connection cable, Joy stick controller and a set of paddle controllers.
52 Game cartridges (shown below) included with values, according to Atari’s price guide as of July 2012, from $15 to $41.00.
Also included are: DC comics Atari Force 3 Book, Atari Catalog (49 game program cartridges and a Champ Adapter NO.1 CA-340

All Games are in the original box and the cartridge is in excellent condition. Most boxes contain the game instructions. Those with asterics denote classification of games difficult to find.
Donkey Kong (Nintendo) Coleco
Sky Divers (5 games) for 2 players CX2629 Atari
Super Challenge Football M Network
Berzerk (new 7 complete in box) Atari $29.85
Space Invaders (112 games) CX2632 Atari $26.55
Frogs and Flies M Network
Tape Worm (new & complete in box) Spectravision
Plaque Attack Activision $17.23**
Keystone Kapers (new in box) Activision* $20.85
Word Zapper (new complete in box) Vidtec **
Skiing (new complete in box) Activision** (2)
Maze craze (256 games 1&2 players) CX2635 Atari
MS Pac-Man (complete in box)4 games 1 player Atari
Pac-Man (8 games 1& 2 players) CX2646(comp) Atari $24.28 (2)
Frogger (new & complete in box) Sears
Freeway (complete in box) Activision
Centerpede (complete) 2games 1 player Atari
Star Raiders (new complete in box w/touch pad) Atari
Raiders of the lost ark (complete in box) Atari*** $18.90
Football (3 games 2 playersCX2625 Atari
Indy 500 (14 games 1 & 2 players) CX2611 Atari* $17.48
Air-Sea Battle 1(complete 27 games) CX2602 Atari
Crystal Castles Atari(Sears)
Boxing (complete) Activision
Swordquest Fireworld (complete) Atari $22.50 *
Star Voyager (complete) IMAGIC
Haunted House (9 games 1player) CX2654 Atari
Casino (complete 4 games 1-4 player) CX2652 Atari special edition
Space Shuttle A journey into space Activision $24.93
Combat (complete 27 games 2 players) CX2601 Atari
Super Breakout (9 games 1&2 player) CX2608 Atari
Ice Hockey Activision*
Missle Command (34 games) CX2638 Atari
Demon Attack (complete) IMAGIC*
Circus Atari (8 games 1&2 player) CX2630 Atari $19.95
Basketball (2 games 1&2 players) CX2624 Atari $17.95
Super Challenge Baseball IMAGIC
Outlaw (16 games 1&2 players) CX2605 Atari
Space war (17 games 1&2 players) CX2604 Atari
Space Invaders (new in box 112 games) CX2632 Atari $27.03 blue
Slot Racers (complete 9 games) CX2606 Atari
Chopper Command (complete) Activision*
Mario Bros. (complete 2 player) 2697 Atari $29.00 *
Stampede Activision
Dig Dig Atari
Video Pinball CX2648 Atari $14.95
Donkey Kong Coleco $22.00
Bridge (7 games) Activision $16.50*
Coconuts Telesys $18.55*
E.T. Atari
Adventures of Tron

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